Customer Does Barrel Roll while Trying Out Rifle at Gun Shop

When you buy a product you want to make sure it works and does everything you want it to do, but sometimes you can go a little too far. Sure I will try on a pair of jeans to make sure they fit, but you know what I won’t do? Try on a pair of underwater. There are some lines that should not be crossed.

In this video the guy did the gun shop equivalent to trying on tightey whiteys at Walmart. He goes full tactical mode, hits the ground does a barrel roll, and set up behind cover ready to rock and roll.

I wish I could hear what clerk is saying, but since it is a surveillance camera we will never know, look on his face says it all.

The video was posted to Instagram by HTX Tactical but we are not sure if this happened in their shop or somewhere else.

I wonder what how this hero ended up on crutches.