Bass Pro and Cabela’s Suspends Online Ammunition Sales

I woke up this morning to the social media buzz that both Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s had suspended online ammunition orders. I checked both of the websites and sure enough, every ammunition product I clicked said the same thing. “This product is currently not available online.”

Screen shot from Bass Pro’s website
Screen shot from Cabela’s website

As of right now, there has been no statement from the companies stating the reason, but that has not stopped people from jumping to conclusions.

Many people’s first thought has been to connect the suspension to what happened in DC this past week and these stores are doing what Walmart did when they pulled ammunition and guns from their physical stores during times of unrest.

Others have offered a more benign reason, that both companies computer systems are having trouble keeping up with what ammunition they have available due to the nation wide ammunition shortage.

As most hunters and shooters know the supply of ammunition has been unable to keep up with demands. Businesses are selling out as soon as it comes in the door. This is a plausible explanation, but the timing of the move has people wondering.

We reached out to the company via email to get more information, but at time of publication they had not gotten back to us.

For right now I am giving both companies the benefit of the doubt. They have always been strong supporters of the 2nd amendment and I hope that does not change.