Two Poachers Arrested and One on the Run after Attempted Murder of Game Warden

A group of poachers attempted to kill a Florida Wildlife Officer by running him over with an ATV after being approached for spotlighting.

According to WFTS Tampa Bay, on Sunday, January 3rd,2021, a Flordia Wildlife Conservation Officer was on patrol when he noticed the shining of a spotlight from property owned by the River Ranch Hunting Club into Avon Park Bombing Range which is owned by the US Airforce.

The officer approached the poachers and a struggled ensued. It ended when one of the poachers ran over the officer with his ATV. All three poachers fled the scene on their ATV’s.

The officer was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for injuries and was later released.

So far two of the men have been arrested and one is still at large.

The names of the suspects and officer involved in the altercation have not been released. We will update this story when more information becomes available.