Neighborhood in Fear after Squirrel goes on Bloody Rampage

A Queen’s neighborhood is living in fear after a savage squirrel went on a bloody rampage leaving at least five people injured.

Squirrel attacks have left people bloody

In an interview with the New York Post, squirrel attack survivor Micheline Frederick said, “The squirrel didn’t care, it just wanted something — it wanted blood. For a few days afterward I would come out with a shovel, just in case, looking around.”

Fredrick was attacked on December 21st and the event has traumatized her. “It just basically runs up my leg and I’m like OK squirrel, hello, what are you doing,” she said. “He either bit or scratched me on my neck and then I must have reached over and next thing I know, it’s a cage match and I’m losing.”

Fredrick’s arm after being treated at a local urgent care

Fredrick was not the only person who has been attacked. Licia Wang, Fredricks neighbor who was warned about the aggressive squirrel, was also attacked.

“I tried to shake it off but I couldn’t, squirrels have claws, cling onto your winter jacket, there’s no way to shake it off,” Wang told ABC 7 News.

At least three others have been attacked in the same neighborhood. People have reported being attacked by single squirrels and packs for the bushy-tailed beasts.

The city is doing nothing to help the neighborhood and suggested they hire a trapper, which thy have done, but so far no squirrels have been caught. So the neighborhood continues to live in fear.

The aftermath of the squirrel attack

“When we leave the house, we have to carry mom’s homemade pepper spray to make sure if it comes at us, we spray it,” witness Anika Singh Sood said.

Unfortunately, these people live in the city and a .22 solution can not be implemented. If this happened in the country it would not have even made the news, there would have just been dinner plans.