Coyote hunters are getting beat up by donkeys

Donkeys are known for attacking coyotes. They will bite and stomp them to death. Many times farmers will have donkeys to protect their other cattle from predators.

So apparently donkeys will kill coyotes and play with their carcasses. : natureismetal

While scrolling through a predator hunting group, I came across a guy that got his ass kicked by a jackass. The hunter called coyotes in an area that had cattle and was attacked by the farmer’s donkey. The injuries look to be very painful, but he should recover. This hunter is fortunate; it did not get worse.

While scrolling the comments, I found it funny how many other hunters had commented about their own experience getting attacked by donkeys. Within 15 minutes of the post going up, 5 other hunters had commented about their own experience of getting injured from donkeys while hunting, and many others remarked about close encounters. Most of them were too embarrassed to post pictures of themselves after being beaten up by the farm animal.

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While it is hilarious to see these guys get beat up by a donkey, it is something to take seriously while out coyote hunting. Donkeys could kill a person if they are not careful. While hunting, be sure to check with local landowners to make sure there are no donkeys that might want to attack you.