School Board Refuses to Reverse Ruling for Child Accused of Bringing Gun to Virtual School

Once again school administrators refuse to follow logic and fairness when applying on-campus rules to the new virtual school environment. Virtual school is very different than attending school, any parent that has a child in that situation knows this very well and it is ridiculous to enforce the same set of rules without flexibility.

Back in September, we wrote about 9-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison, who was suspended for bringing a gun to school when a teacher spotted a BB gun during a Zoom class. Ka Mauri was almost expelled over the incident but the school board reduced the punishment to a six-day suspension.

Ka Mauri’s father appealed the suspension and attempted to get the punishment removed from his son’s record. The school board met with the family on Friday, 4 December 2020 to render the result of the appeal.

According to, the School board refused to budge on the issue and is continuing to keep the wording on the child’s official record that he “brought a gun to school.” Even though he never left his home.

The only thing that changed during the meeting is that the school board changed the punishment on Ka Mauri’s official record from a six-day suspension to a three-day suspension plus three days of unexcused absences.

Ka Mauri’s father rightfully stormed out of the meeting because this outcome is completely unacceptable. There is a huge difference between bring a gun to school and allowing a fake gun to momentarily flash on a computer screen.

A family’s home is not an extension of the school. At no time were any students in any danger.

School Board member Simeon Dickerson, a former teacher, asked Nyron Harrison, Ku’Mauri’s father, to think of how his teacher felt seeing a gun on her computer screen.

“I know what a BB gun looks like. And you know what it resembles? A real gun. OK? It resembles a real gun,” Dickerson said.

The perfect answer to this is it does not matter what the teacher “feels” this sort of situation should be handled by logic and not emotion. The teachers feeling are completely irrelevant.

Students, parents, and teachers are already feeling the stress during these school changes. School administrators do need to add to the already hectic environment with their power trips.