Henry Repeating Arms Announces 32 New Rifles and Shotguns

The Henry Repeating Arms Company has announced the largest change to its firearm catalog in the history of the company. They are redesigning 29 legacy models as well as adding three new single-shot models.

According to News sources out of Wisconsin, Henry will be adding the side loading gate to all of its steel-framed lever-action rifles. They will still feature the removable tube magazine, but the new upgrade will allow shooters to conveniently load the magazine through a port in the receiver. Also, they will be able to safely unload the magazine by twisting out the inner magazine tube.

The transition applies to all .30-30 and .47-70 rifles, .410 shotguns and all of the revolver-caliber Big Boy rifles.

The changes come at the request of shooters after Henry introduced the new system to in 2019. According to the company requests kept pouring in with everyone and his brother requesting the option in their favorite caliber and design.

“Ever since our fans and customers got a taste of a side loading Henry, the requests started rolling in immediately to include this feature on their favorite finish or caliber. These new models are going to make a lot of people very happy, and we are always going to have options for fans of our legacy configuration as well,” states Anthony Imperato, president and owner of Henry Repeating Arms.

Imperato continues, “The removable tube magazine is a core part of our product DNA, so that’s not going anywhere, and fans of the classic brass and octagon barrel configurations will always be able to get that from us.”

In addition to the side loading gate, Henry announced two new calibers and a 12 Ga. slug barrel in its line of H015 Single Shot Rifle. You can now get the gun chambered in .350 legend and .450 Bushmaster, this should make the straight-walled rifle hunters pretty happy.