The Amazing “Assquatch,” Taxidemied Deer Rears {21 Pictures}

When they first came out they were called Swamp Boogers, but since their rise to fame on the internet, they have been dubbed with the moniker, Assquatch. Basically, they are taxidermy deer rears turned upside-down with an added face.

There are many varieties and variations on the concept with some looking happy, some cute, and some down right frightining. There really is no limit to what you can add to make them unigue, the butt is your canvas.

Obviously, Swamp Boogers or Assquatches do not exist, but that did not stop from making up a good story about their existence.

These animals are very shy and only move in the cover of darkness. Sightings are so rare that most people have never seen one and actually regard them as a myth. In  2003 a team of scientists stumbled into a small colony of them in the middle of the Sumter National Forest. They are now protected by Federal Law

Rumor is that they came to be because taxidermists had an overabundance of deer rears and nothing to do with them, so one decided to make an art piece. Other taxidermists saw the creation and decided to make their own. Now we have a great collection of these buttfaces, that are amazing to behold.

Reminds me of my sister
A wise old man deep in thought
Looks like the Alien from American Dad
Baby Butt Face
A different variety
He is wearing a turtleneck
Apes stronger together
Our Politicians: They think they are kings but in reality they are only just an ass
He looks happy
They have the same look on their face. lol
What is he thinking?
Imagine this guy looking in your window
The Cat in the Hat and some monkey
What a bargain for the Mayor of Whoville
Horny Butt
Not just for whitetail
Looking good in his hat
Not sure which one is uglier
puppy nose
That look you get when you see someone pour the milk before the cereal

I kind of want one for the living room, but I already know my wife would not go for it.

As you can see they are a very diverse group. Personally I am glad they do not exist. I would hate to be walking through the woods in the dark and have one of these staring back at me. I would probably need to change my shorts.