Nursing Home Residents Catching Fish is the Best You Will See All Day

This pandemic has been tough on everyone, but perhaps the hardest hit generation is our elderly. Not only do they have to worry about the lethal effects of the virus, but they also have to deal with isolation as family members stay away so they do not put their loved ones at risk. So anything that brings joy to their lives is a big win.

Creekwood Place Nursing and Rehabilitation knocked it out of the park with a recent enrichment activity. The Tractor Supply Company donated a tank that was filled with water and a local stocking company donated a handful of catfish, so the residents could escape from whatever is going on and fish.

On Friday we went fishing. Thank you to Tractor Supply for loaning us the tank for the day and for the amazing staff we have at Creekwood. I have an idea and the team makes it happy. Thanks to D Kevin Morrow for driving the extra mile to pick up the fish, Nicolette, and Christy for reviving the fish, and maintenance for baiting our hooks and placing the fish back into the tank.

On Friday we went fishing. Thank you to Tractor Supply for loaning us the tank for the day and for the amazing staff we…

Posted by Creekwood Place Nursing & Rehabilitation on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fishing, hunting and the outdoors is my passion and one of the things that scares me with getting older is that I may reach a point where I can not enjoy it. It is my escape for when my life gets hectic and crazy. I know that I can find peace in nature.

Catching a fish out of a stock tank might not seem like much, but I guarantee it was something special for those that participated.

When I look at this guy’s face, I can see pure joy. He is having the time of his life. I imagine a lifetime full of fishing trips and memories came flooding back. He may have been fishing from a wheelchair, but in his mind, he was probably sitting on the dock with a cane pole reliving the good old days.

Many of my greatest memories come from time spent hunting and fishing with my grandpa. Not only did he teach me about the outdoors but also about how to live. In my newest book, The Deer Stand Devotional, I tell the story of when he suffered a stroke and ultimately passed away. Between these two events, he spent months where he could no longer enjoy the outdoors. I know he would have loved this event and it would have taken him back to better days.

Big Shout out to everyone that made this happen. I can tell by the smiles on their faces it meant a lot to them.