Man Blown Back by Wrist Breaking .600 NE Revolver

I have seen some powerful handguns but this one may take the cake. The .600 Nitro Express revolver is made by Pfeifer Waffen an Austrian gun manufacturer that specializes in revolvers using the largest ammunition around.

According to, the .600 NE was designed in 1903 by Holland & Holland. It loads a .62-inch, 900-grain bullet into a rimmed case and fires in excess of 2,000 FPS. It produces more than four tons of energy in foot-pounds.  Guns chambered in .600 NE had so much recoil they were often not used for hunting, just big-game-related emergencies, like accidentally sneaking up on a bull elephant.

They were always rifles…..Until Now!

Watch this guy almost bloody his nose when he decides to shoot it.