Lee Lakosky shoots his biggest buck ever!

Lee Lakosky is the biggest name in whitetail hunting, and he has just killed his biggest buck ever. Lee and his wife Tiffany have a popular hunting TV show called The Crush with Lee & Tiffany.

Lee and Tiffany are known for extreme habitat management on private property. They do 100% free-range hunting. The huge bucks they can kill are due to how well they manage their properties. Food plots, supplemental feed, hinge cutting, planting trees, proper buck-to-doe ratio, and only shooting mature bucks are all things they do to increase the size of bucks on their property size.

Lee has shot 2 other bucks that are over 200 inches, and he is saying this is his biggest one to date. Congratulations, Lee, on this amazing buck produced by your hard work and great habitat management.