World Record Striped Bass Caught and Released

Every year anglers flock the Atlantic coast to chase stripers all hoping to hook a monster. West Virginia angler Alex Foster did just that in a recent fishing trip off the coast of Virginia.

According to One the Water, Alex now holds the World Record for Striped Bass in the IGFA’s All-Tackle Length Release Category, when he caught and released 122 centimeters (48.03 inches) long striper breaking the old record by 4 centimeters.

(All-Tackle Length Release Category is a new category that was only created back in 2011 and has not gained the notoriety of the weight-based category.)

Since the category is fairly new there is a lot of records that can be broken and because of this Foster has been targeting this record for a while.

“I’ve most definitely been targeting this record,” said Foster, who owns a disc jockey and entertainment company in Saint Albans, just outside of Charleston. “I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this fish.”

According to the Virginia Pilot, Alex Foster is an accomplished fisherman that has won nearly 80 awards from the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and has more than 8,000 awards from various states and countries.

So while this striped bass is not the largest one ever caught it is the largest one in its category an an awesome accomplishment. (The world record striper weighs in at 81.88-pounds.)

World Record Striper