8-Foot Monster Sturgeon Almost Sinks Kayak Angler {VIDEO}

Sturgeons are big powerful fish and fun to catch. They can put up quite a fight that even anglers on a regular boat have trouble landing, much less a kayak. An angler from Idaho found out just how strong they can be when he hooked into an 8-foot Monster that drug his kayak all around the river. Lucky for us he had his GoPro running.

According to the Spokesman-Review, Steve Carroll and Bryce Thompson was kayak fishing on the Snake River in southern Idaho. The two were targeting sturgeon and boy did they find one.

“We were tooling around, and I have this fancy new fish finder and saw a bunch of sturgeon down there,” he said. “There was nothing but donkeys stacked down there.”

The two men started casting, but Carroll overshot the hole. Thompson didn’t.

“As I’m reeling in mine to recast, his line starts just screaming, just going nuts,” Carroll said.

It was Thompson’s first time kayak fishing and only his second time ever in a kayak. And he hooked into one of the largest fresh water fish in North America.

At first they did not realize how big the fish actually was until it breached the surface in a mighty leap that they caught on camera.

“I thought for sure when he came out of the water I was going into the water with him,” said Thompson, of Twin Falls. “I’ve seen sturgeon come out of the water … but not a foot away from me.”

It took a little over an hour to land the beast and when they did the tale of the tape put the fish a little over eight feet and 42 inches at its widest spot and estimated to be between 300 and 325 pounds.

“Eight foot is where the tape stopped, and we could have gone a couple more inches,” Carroll said.

If that doesn’t get you excited about fishing nothing will. Awesome catch and awesome video.