Fisherman Jumps in Pond to Grab Monster Catfish that Spit the Hook {VIDEO}

We always here fishing stories about the one that got away. Ever time the story gets told the fish gets bigger and the BS gets deeper. We almost had another one of those tall tales, but the fish who got off the line did not get away.

This video was posted to Facebook by Jonas n Barbara Miller. It features a fisherman who I assume is their son reeling in a monster catfish. A man who I presume is Jonas tries to land the fish, but it breaks away from the line, and Jonas goes in after it. He thrashes around a bit but finally wrestles the fish to shore.

This maybe the funniest and most determined fisherman I have ever seen.

Some fishermen get a little excited when a 11pound cat fish breaks loose of the line

Posted by Jonas N Barbara Miller on Sunday, April 21, 2019

Congradulations on the fish you definatly CAUGHT a nice one.